We are confident that collaborating with you will bring visibility to our event internationally, provide an opportunity to network with international practitioners and foster valuable connections and relationships. Your support will not only elevate the event’s global presence but also provide the chance to showcase your commitment to the development and enrichment of arbitration on international and national arenas.

We have tailored various sponsorship opportunities to suit various budgets and strategic objectives. By becoming a sponsor for the Istanbul Arbitration Days, you will receive exclusive benefits. You brand will be prominently featured across all event promotional materials, ensuring recognition in press releases and media coverage. You will also be acknowledged verbally during the event and will have the opportunity to distribute marketing materials and promotional items to participants. And with Türkiye’s unique position as a bridge between Asia and Europe, you will also increase your exposure and bolster your reputation not only in Türkiye but also across diverse regions.

We would be very happy to discuss our potential collaboration further and to explore how our partnership can yield mutual benefits.

In case you are willing to evaluate the offered benefits and would like to become a sponsor for the event, please send an e-mail at info@istanbularbitrationdays.com to discuss the potential collaboration. We are readily available to schedule a meeting at your convenience to address any questions you may have.

We would like to thank you for considering support for the Istanbul Arbitration Days. We are looking forward to collaborating with you and making the Istanbul Arbitration Days a memorable and successful event for the arbitration community.